Radio 586 AZ Roots for 11-09-18, Have it your own way, Roberts

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Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2006)-Madelyn’s Song-THE SEARCH GCC

Eric Ramsey-Highway-IT’S A ROUGH WORLD EricRamsey

Powered by Jazz-Andre the Giant-PEARLS OF WISDOM Harvest

Wartime: Save your fat to make soap-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Novo Mundo-And Sammy Walked In-SE QUERES SABER Yemaya

Lee Lee Robert-My Adobe Hacienda-WESTERN STARS Musikode

Judy Roberts-I Keep Coming Back to Joe’s-IN THE MOMENT JB

Pat Roberts & the Heymakers-Ramblin’ Man-SCOTTSDALE 5 & DINER ScottLeon

Jay Roberts-Apache Nightmare-SON OF A DIRTY GUITAR PLAYER Nigel Knows

Warren L. Jones-In your Own Sweet Way-BRIDGES Tempest

Sue Harris-A Woman in Love-WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE WoofTone