Radio 586 AZ Roots for 02-15-19, guest is Classical Violinist Cindy Baker

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Musica Dolce-Ferina Violin Sonata -AN EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE indie 

Musica Dolce-Machaut Medieval Harp-AN EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE indie 

Short example of Crumhorns 

Glenn Stallcop-Jazz Dance portion Midsummer Night-MUSIC FOR VIOLIN PIANO AND MARIMBA Indie 

Arizona Opera-Venters’ Aria-RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE Arizona Opera 

Quartet Sabaku-Haydn String Quartet Op 71 # 2-FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE Indie 

Piano Quartet-Turina Piano Quartet A Minor Op 67 III PIANO QUARTET Indie   

Quartet Sabaku-Shostakovitch Allegretto QUARTET SABAKU Omni