Radio 586 AZ Roots 11-04 to 11-10-20 show 376 More new ManPurse and Mike Breen CD tracks

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Hosted by Hacksaw Tom

ManPurse-London-MANPURSE Sonic Pirahna

ManPurse-Choice-MANPURSE Sonic Pirahna

ManPurse-Wait and See-MANPURSE Sonic Pirahna

ManPurse-My Trash Can-MANPURSE Sonic Pirahna

Mike Breen-I Still-FANCY BALLOONS MichaelJBreen

Mike Breen-Fly Away with Me-FANCY BALLOONS MichaelJBreen

Mike Breen-The Brandywine-FANCY BALLOONS MichaelJBreen

Mike Breen-Autumn Afternoon-FANCY BALLOONS MichaelJBreen

Otto D-When I Loved You-A MUSE ZING Otto D’Agnolo

Otto D-Put Jesse in the Jar Again-A MUSE ZING Otto D’Agnolo

Frank Darmiento Big Band-Natural Colors NIGHT WATCH FrankDarmiento

Frank Darmiento-Bye Bye Blackbire-SUDDEN IMPACT Summit