Radio 586 AZ Roots 08-12 to 08-18-20 show 364 B and C Burnham to Calaloo

Friday nights 7-8pm on KOFA in Yuma, and these FM stations: 89.5 Williams, 90.1 Prescott, 90.7 Kingman, 89.5 & 91.3 Flagstaff.

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Hosted by Hacksaw Tom

Buzz Burnham-Mama Lou-PHOENIX PANORAMA Viv

Benny Banta-You’re Still my Baby-PHOENIX PANORAMA Viv

Al Beasley-Good-Hearted Woman-NORTH TO NOME ALASKA AlBeasley

Mike Breen and the Big Dream-Good Girl-ALL NIGHT LONG Breensongs

Mike Breen and the Big Dream-The Sober Life-ALL NIGHT LONG Breensongs

Ted Alan feat. Devon Bridgewater-I Can’t get Started-FEATURING SHERMAN MITCHELL Tempest

Glen Campbell-Southern Nights-SINGLE Capitol

Al Casey-Indian Love Call-COOKIN’ Stacy

Vic Cesar/Jessica Williams-All the Way-THOSE LEFTOVER DREAMS Rainy Night

Brian Chahley-Molly by Matchlight-THIS WAY BrianChahley

Cadillac Angels-I Found a Woman-LOUNGE 10-12 ScottLeon

Calaloo-Snookered by Snooks-GLOBAL IMPRESSIONS Upbeat