Radio 586 AZ Roots 07-28 to 08-03-21 vacation repeat Local musician alphabet J to M

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Hosted by Carl Wiman 2017

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-Free for All-ONE BY ONE

Gypsy’s Juke Rockers-Real Bad Woman-REAL BAD WOMAN JChavez

Shorty K-Full Custom Boogie-FULL CUSTOM BOOGIE Electric Lotus

Ken Koshio-I Wonder if I Love Myself-STILL STANDING ON THE ROCK KenKoshio

Laurie Larson-Walk Me to the Window-A STRIKING RESEMBLANCE LaurieLarson

Cup O’ Karma (Jim Pipkin/Eric Luback)-Blonde Coyote-LIVE BENEFIT ScottLeon

Brian Lopez-Under the Watchful Eye-ULTRA Funzalo

John Levno-Dog Vibrations, On the Doggie Trail-DOGGY AND SOUL JohnLevno

Pat Maloney-China Dog-PERFECT OBLIVIOUS MOON Blue Moon

Pat Maloney-Girl with the Funny Mouth-PERFECT OBLIVIOUS MOON Blue Moon

Chuck Marohnic-Hummingbird-SEEDS Tempest