Radio 586 AZ Roots 01-06 to 01-12-21 show 385 Letter D cont’d

Friday nights 7-8pm on, KOFA AM/FM in Yuma, and these FM stations: 89.5 Williams, 90.1 Prescott, 90.7 Kingman, 89.5 & 91.3 Flagstaff.

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Hosted by Carl Wiman and Hacksaw Tom

Jimmy Dell-Oh Oh Baby-SINGLE Bullet

Jimmy Dell-Teeny Weenie-ROCKIN’ AND BOPPIN’ IN THE DESERT Bear Family

Jimmy Dell-I’ve Got a Dollar a Dime and a Nickel-SINGLE RCA

Jimmy Dell-Rainbow Doll-SINGLE RCA

Destiny’s Children-The Collectors-LEGEND CITY PHOENIX ’60S BANDS ScottLeon

Destiny’s Children-For Me-LEGEND CITY PHOENIX ’60S BANDS ScottLeon

Doorknobs-I Need your Lovin’ Baby-LEGEND CITY PHOENIX ’60S BANDS ScottLeon

Doorknobs-Come On-LEGEND CITY PHOENIX ’60S BANDS ScottLeon

Jay Dow-Falling-ALCOHOLIC LULLABY Sober Motor Co.

D Squared-Buckeye Jim-BIG SKY FULL O’ DUMB STARS Blue Dog

Dueling Divas-Selections from Wicked-TWO GRANDS FOUR HANDS Pvumc