November 27th & December 1st, 2013 – Bob McCarroll, Mark DeCozio, Monte Procopio, Dennis Rowland, Vittorio Maynes, Big Pete Pearson, Lucius Parr, Chuck E. Baby, Freddie Duran, Young Sounds Of Arizona

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November 27th & December 1st, 2013 Set 1

November 27th & December 1st, 2013 Set 2

THE TENDER TRAP, Bob McCarroll, That Old Feeling
I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER, Mark DeCozio, Close Up
WITCHCRAFT, Monte Procopio, A Swingin’ Time
WHEN I LOOKED INTO YOUR EYES, Dennis Rowland, Fred Hendrick
JUST THE AY YOU LOOK TONIGHT, Vittorio Maynes, Vittorio Sings To A Melody
MUDDY KIND OF LOVE, Big Pete Pearson, One More Drink
WE GOT A PROBLEM, Lucius Parr, We Got A Problem
MISS YOU, Lucius Parr, Yoakum Texas Blues
INNOCENT BYSTANDER, Chuck E. Baby and the Allstars, Never In A Million Years
GREEN CHILE, Freddie Duran, Songs From The Middle Of Nowhere
NIGHTSHADES, Young Sounds Of Arizona, Little Sunflower