Local 586 recognizes and celebrates Black History Month

From the Hip Hop Caucus:

Throughout this month, we highlighted some of the unsung heroes of the Black community, whose talents and impact were instrumental to our nation. For our last installment in this series, we’re highlighting Hip Hop itself—a music genre that continues to pioneer culture across the country.

50 years ago in West Bronx, New York, Clive Campbell, AKA DJ Kool Herc, held his ‘Back to School Jam’, giving birth to the music behind the foundation of our movement. And with that, Hip Hop was born.

Hip Hop is so much more than a genre. It’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s an instrumental tool that empowers our communities to make our voices heard. Hip Hop Caucus was founded on the belief that connecting the Hip Hop community to the civic process builds power and creates positive change on a national scale.

Today may be the last day of Black History Month, but our culture and our contributions to this country need to be celebrated 365 days a year.