The Single Song Overdub Song Scale(SSOS) is primarily intended for musicians working alone, most often in a home studio, overdubbing for a client who typically sends a hard drive and/or audio files over the Internet to the musician. For a more detailed explanation please read the SSOS Overview and Guidelines found on the and website. This “stand alone” scale is designed for independent projects on non-signatory labels, and can ONLY be combined with Limited Pressing projects, but not Master or Low Budget Master. Each musician pays his or her own Pension contribution through the Local, although there is also an option for the employer or payroll service to make the Pension contribution.

  1.   SET THE RATE – Once you have heard the song, negotiate your “per song” rate. There is a $100/song minimum, and all “extras”(Pension, etc.) are included in this scale, which goes up in $50 increments($150, $200, $250, etc.)and can be found on the Single Song Scale Work included with the Agreement. Different songs can have different per song rates depending on difficulty, number of parts, etc. It’s your call.
  2. EXCUTE THE AGREEMENT – It is essential to get the Agreement signed by the employer before you do the work!  You can download the Single Song Overdub Agreement from the AFM website or you can stop by Local 586 and we will give you a copy. Email it to the Employer to sign or use an electronic signature and return it to you. Then email a copy to your Local.
  3. DO THE WORK – Do not send an isolated track until you have been paid as agreed. When you have received the agreed upon payment, send the employer the separate files. Up to 12 songs can be recorded under one Agreement for one artist or employer in a six month period.
  4. FILE THE CARD?PAY THE PENSION – Come to your Local and file the completed time card, which will be turned into a B-17 AFM Contract. Use the Scale Worksheet to find the amount of Pension due. Each player will write a personal check to the AFM-EP Fund for their Pension contribution on behalf of the Employer. Tis is the only AFM recording scale that allows you to do so.

We at Local 586 would like to express our sincere thanks to Nashville Local 257 and President Dave Pomeroy for developing this guide for the SSOS Agreement. We will be inviting Mr. Pomeroy out to Local 586 to give a more in depth seminar on the SSOS agreement as well as other recording contracts.