AZ Music 586 for 12-28-16: DVD movie and tribute session CD, Interview with Howard’s daughter Madelyn, “alternate worlds of Howard Roberts.” Psychedelic 70’s focus.

Click on the link to listen to the show:

Howard Roberts W/Charlie Haden-American Songs Conversational Stroll- ’77


Madelyn on growing up without dad, Jay Roberts’ DVD and tribute session CD, Musician’s

Institute, her playing.


Howard Roberts-Relaxin’ at Camarillo  ’50s


Madelyn on Pete Jolly, 1940s Phoenix, move to LA.


Merryweather w/Howard Roberts-Mrs. Roberts’ Son ’70


Howard Roberts-Ballad of Fazzio Needlepoint ’71


Howard Roberts-Growing National Concern ’75


Madelyn playing Bluesette preview from DVD


Howard Roberts-Dolphin Dance ’78