AZ Music 586 for 12-07-16: Arizona musicians featured from vintage recordings, the 2000s and new releases, guest is steel guitarist Jon Rauhouse:

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Young Sounds-Changing of the Guard (master)-TIM DOWNS RECORDING


Midnite Blues feat. James Johnson-Nadine-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


Jon Rauhouse-I Can’t Stay Mad at You-JON RAUHOUSE ORCHESTRA


George Bowman-Better Not be Lyin’ to Me-ALL I WANNA DO IS SING THE BLUES


Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers-Just Right for Me-EYES ON THE PRIZE


Whiskey Kiss-Dangerous One-DANGEROUS ONE


Lonegan’s Band-Middle of the Night-LONEGAN’S BAND


Midnite Blues-Middle of the Night-MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT

Vicki McDermitt-What He’s Done-BLESSED


Alan Chase-Intermission Riff-PHOENIX


Rusty Jones-Ben’s your Friend-THIS THING HERE


Paul Murphy feat. Steve Marsh-Konongo-WORLD JAZZ PROJECT