AZ Music 586 for 10-12-18, The Obvious

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Young Sounds Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Change of the Guard 10 MINUTES LATE Winston

Dolan Ellis-Montage of his original Songs-SINGLE Dolan Ellis Productions

Linda Ronstadt-That’ll Be the Day SINGLE Asylum

Stevie Nicks-Leather & Lace BELLA DONNA Modern/Atco

Buck Owens-Tiger by the Tail-SINGLE Capitol

Marty Robbins-A White Sport and a Pink Carnation-SINGLE Columbia

Donna Fargo-Happiest Girl in the Whole USA HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE USA Dot

Doc Garvey’s Remedy-Funky Farm DOC GARVEY’S REMEDY Scott Ellis

Giuliano Marconi inventor of radio-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Devilliains-In the Ground DEVILLIANS Devillains 

Jack Radavich We’re in the Money-BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS MUSIC OF HARRY WARREN JackRadavich

Seeds-Be still and Listen-JUSTICE FOR THE EARTH Ravenswave

Hank Plow-Gong-INTO THE DEEP Deluvian

Jerry Donato-Broadway-IT’S A COOL HEAT Tempest