AZ Music 586 for 09-28-16, guest is Mike Segall, “Bass 4 Every Place,” talking about recording for major labels in Long Island in the 1960s to Viet Nam protest music to playing with the long-running Lonegan’s Band from the Valley:

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Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Free Jazz-UNRELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING


Lonegan’s Band-For You-LONEGAN’S BAND


Smubbs-Unpollution-ECOLOGY ROCK


Lonegan’s Band-Middle of the Night-LONEGAN’S BANDPeyton recorded different song same title also vinyl also 1980 also Phoenix.


Mike Segall (bass & vocal)-Jug Band Music-LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST PERFORMANCE


Smubbs-Down on the Corner-ABC/PARAMOUNT SINGLE


Aesop’s Fables-In Due Time-IN DUE TIME


Lonegan’s Band-You to Me-LONEGAN’S BAND




Lonegan’s Band-You Gotta Change-LONGAN’S BAND