AZ Music 586 for 07-20th & 24th-16: Jim “Zeke” Zoeckler, tenor sax and flute, is a late 586 member who’s estate donated his tape archives to the radio show:

Click on the link to listen to the show:

Young Sounds-Night Shades-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Coleman Hawkins-What Is There to Say-JIM ZOECKLER ARCHIVES


Pete Magadini-Midnight Bolero-POLYRHYTHMS


Alan Chase-Intermission Riff-PHOENIX


Johnny Tanner-Bring Her Back to Me-JUKE JOINT RAMBLER


Kenny Love & the Rocker Fellas-Count my Lucky Stars-SWING, BOP & ROOTS ROCK


Mike Breen-Past Lives-PAST LIVES


Pete Jolly-I Hear a Rhapsody-GEMS


Nazim Rashid feat. “Peaches”-Stormy Weather


Bennie Green-Blues is Green-JIM ZOECKLER ARCHIVES


Young Sounds-Polka Dots and Moonbeams-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Mike Breem-Home Again-PAST LIVES