AZ Music 586 for 07-04-18, Acoustically driven Mix N Match

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Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovelady 2000)-Green Bossa -RINGERS Tempest

Matt Angus-Long Hot Summer Day-MATT ANGUS Redeye

Eric Ramsey-Up we Go-UP WE GO EricRamsey

Wensday-Arizona Man-TORCH ROCK Desert Dreams

Tom Miles-My Funny Valentine-EL BANDITO JerryDonato

Dean & Mr. Clean-Sunshine All the Time-DEAN AND MR. CLEAN 12th St. ’99

Jimmy Peyton’s Midnite Blues-Rock That Boogie-PRETTY GOOD LOVE Electric CD

Mrs. Arizona Homeowner 1958-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK


Eddie Trailor-Join me Girl-LATE BLOOMER Benaturl

Vicki McDermitt What a Little Moonlight can Do-TO BELARUS WITH LOVE Tempest

Door Knobs-Hi-Fi Baby-LEGEND CITY PHX Scott Leon

Eddie Madden Orchestra-The Way You Look Tonight-YESTERDAYS Coach Lane

Doc Garvey’s Remedy-Long Gone-LIVE Cinco de Gumbo