AZ Music 586 for 05-17-17, local ladies

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AZ Music 586 for 05-17-17, local ladies:

Young Sounds (dir. Hugh Lovelady 2000)-No Matter-RINGERS

Nadine Jansen-Blues intro, Sunny-NINE LIVE ONES

Alice Tatum feat. Peter Zale-Send In the Clowns-PIANO

Vintage Commercial of the week: HYATT REGENCY SUNDANCE LOUNGE PHOENIX (1979)

Andy/Lionel-Stay a Little Longer-AZ MUSIC 586 REHEARSAL

Johnny May Brown with Mike Condello Combo-Have You Ever had the Blues-FLYIN’ HIGH

Warren L. Jones III-Life’s a Blues-BRIDGES

Sherry Roberson feat. Armand Boatman-Sherry’s Blues-SENSATIONAL

Blaise Lantana-First Time-WITH A TOUCH OF BLUES

Cecile Hortensia-This Is My Home, Cactus Road-PAPPILONS

Beth Lederman-Las Sombras, Things Ain’t what they Used to Be-LAS SOMBRAS

Kirsten Plambeck-Rollin’ In the Deep-BAREFOOT