06-28-17, Another Hot Record Show

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06-28-17, Another Hot Record Show

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovely 2000)-Jumpin’ at the Woodside-RINGERS

Jim Glass Band-Killin’ Floor-SAHUARO

Curtis Gray Combo-Gladys’ Delight-HI FLYIN’

Hearsemen-Right Now-LEGEND CITY

Raffles in Scottsdale presents Keith Greko Trio 1979 VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Dave Cook and Intensity-Rio de Bossa-GROOVIN’ IN THE DESERT

Marty Martel-Naufraga, Aburrido Me Voy-2-SIDED SINGLE

Judy Roberts-THE Man I Love-SOLO PIANO

Sistah Blue-It’s Raining-SISTAH BLUE

Jay Roberts-Relaxin’ at Camarillo-SON OF A DIRTY GUITAR PLAYER

Novo Mundo-Little Bird-ESPIRITO DO BRASIL

Armand Boatman Trio-Watch What Happens-LIVE AT GREGORY’S