05-23 and 05-25-18, Jimmy Dell

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05-23 and 05-25-18, Jimmy Dell

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2010)-Caravan-CUT AND RUN Chaton

Jimmy Dell-Oh Oh Baby-SINGLE Bullet

Jimmy Dell-Sweet Potatoes feat. Brad Bauder, sax-SINGLE Philips

Jimmy Dell-Teeny Weenie-ROCKIN’ AND BOPPIN’ IN THE DESERT Bear Family

Jimmy Dell-I’ve Got a Dollar a Dime and a Nickel-SINGLE RCA

Jimmy Dell-Rainbow Doll-SINGLE RCA

Jimmy Dell-Cool it Baby-SINGLE RCA

Jimmy Dell-She Won’t Pet-SINGLE RCA

Jimmy Dell-A Quarter, a dime, and a nickel-SINGLE RCA